Study Looks at Methotrexate For Psoriatic Arthritis

A new study looks at the effectiveness of the rheumatoid arthritis drug methotrexate in patients suffering from psoriatic arthritis. While the results were slightly mixed this drug did not have any effect on synovitis, or the painful swelling of the joints associated with this disease. As usual however always talk to your doctor before stopping or starting any medication.

Chill Out! The Effects Of Stress On Our Pain Levels

I think that everyone has to admit that the stress that is present in all of our daily lives has to be a big contributor to the aches and pains we feel in our bodies. This is not to diminish the real muscles and joint diseases that exist, however how often have you ever had a flare up or a bad day and noticed that you seemed to be in much more pain? The back pain sufferers I’ve talked with seem especially susceptible to this, no doubt in large part to the tensing up of the muscles. Plus, lets not forget the classic “stress headache” that seems to bother so many adults.

What to do about this phenomenon? Simply telling yourself to chill out can actually be a quick way to make things worse. Nevertheless, simple light exercise, meditation, deep breathing, stretching or yoga all have proven effective for people worldwide. Tranquilizers or benzos(valium, xanax, etc.) can be effective but with all the dangers and potential side effects that come with them it hardly seems like a long term solution.

Please share your story about how stress effects you and what works for you in lessening stress and consequently the pain it may bring about. Hopefully one person’s experience can bring some relief to another in the community. Thanks!

Thumb Joint Pain Caused By Overuse of Electronic Devices

Thumb Joint PainInteresting article linking the use or overuse of electronic devices, such as a Blackberry or a video game system to joint pain in the thumbs. While repetitive stress issues or carpal tunnel syndrome are not new, especially to those who type away on keyboards all day, those using smaller devices are not immune from pain as the result of frequent use. The pain can get so bad the the affected thumb joint may even require surgery in the worst cases.

Lower Back Pain Affects Up To 80% Of People

Back pain, especially low back pain affects most people at some point in their lifetimes. It is always important to remember the basics of trying to keep occasional back pain from becoming a chronic condition. As we’ve previously discussed maintaining a healthy weight is one of the most important factors in warding off many types of joint and muscle pain. Regular exercise and activity will also help along with the age old advice of bend with the knees and not the back when doing any lifting.


Massage Therapy For Muscle Pain In Arms, Legs & Back

Back Pain MassageFor anyone who has ever had a proper massage from a licensed therapist it will probably not be surprising that massage is an effective tool for treating muscle pain, including the most common areas of the lower back, arms, and legs. It can be particularly useful for frequent exercisers and athletes to help them recover from the stress put on their bodies. So massage should no longer be thought of solely as a spa treatment as evidence mounts regarding its effectiveness in helping with all types of muscle fatigue and pain.

Alternative Therapy: Yoga For Lower Back Pain

A new study points to yoga as an alternative to drug therapy in the treatment of lower back pain. However, obviously caution must be used and yoga should only be practiced under the guidance of a qualified instructor. The report also points out that a regular course of stretching will also achieve the same results in alleviating muscle pain if you are not into the whole “yoga thing”.

The most important and recurring theme from all these medical studies regarding joint and muscle pain treatments is to stay active and keep your weight under control. However, as many of us know, following that advice is never easy when getting out of bed in the morning is extremely painful.

Top Ten Causes Of Knee Pain – Osteoarthritis Leads The Way

Knee PainThe Center for Regenerative Medicine lists the top ten causes for knee pain and not surprisingly osteoarthritis is at the top of the list of conditions requiring treatment. A torn meniscus, which is most often caused by a sudden twisting of the knee is second. Followed by a torn ACL or ACL damage in third place. Check out the rest of the list on the top causes of knee pain.

Big Toe Pain From Gout? New Research Points To Weight Gain

Scientists have released new research pointing to obesity as a risk factor for gout in both men and women. This painful disease is caused by a build up of uric acid in the joints and is characterized by intense pain in the big toe as a primary symptom.  The findings provide even one more reason to try and maintain a healthy weight, along with limiting intake of purine rich foods and alcohol consumption.

Surgery Rarely Best Treatment Option For Lower Back Pain

back pain treatmentWhen it comes to treating low back pain, surgery may not be the best option. In fact this is generally considered the a last resort given its success rate and the dangers from surgical complications. While almost everyone will experience some form of back pain in their lives, generally physical therapy and occasional pain reliever use will provide relief. So some good news that surgery is not necessarily inevitable for this widespread condition. However as with any pain, when in doubt consult your physician.

Osteoarthritis And The Importance Of Weight Loss and Exercise

importantFor anyone that currently suffers from osteoarthritis it may not come as a surprise but  maintaining a healthy weight and regular exercise are vital to controlling the painful joint pain often associated with this type of arthritis. Diet and exercise can also possibly help prevent or delay the need for knee replacement surgery. Naturally of course, staying active is easier said than done when a person is in a great deal of pain from this disease.