Arthritis Drug Now Approved As Ulcerative Colitis Treatment

On Friday the FDA announced that the drug Humira which has been prescribed for various other conditions including rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis, will now be be able to be used as an ulcerative colitis treatment. UC is a disease that causes inflation of the large intestine which then in term causes a variety of symptoms in those afflicted. However, it was not approved as a first line treatment and is only supposed to be prescribed by doctors after other treatments have proven unsuccessful. It is¬† remarkable how many diseases are caused by some form of inflation in the body and hopefully last week’s approval will provide some degree of relief to those with UC.


FDA Warns Topical Analgesic Irritation Can Be Extreme

topical cream burnThe FDA issued a warning about the use of topical creams and gel pain relievers as new evidence suggest that topical analgesic irritation can be extreme  in a small number of people. This could include an intense burning sensation which could also lead to blistering and a skin rash.

Seek medical attention if this happens to you and remember to always use common sense by not using these types of skins on broken or already irritated skin. If you have not used this medication in the past, you might also want to apply it to just a small portion of your skin first to make sure no problems arise.

Of course in my case I will also have to exercise a bit first to have to worry about sore muscles.