Use of Topical Creams for Osteoarthritis Pain

There is new evidence that using topical NSAID creams and lotions can in many cases provide safe and effective pain relief from osteoarthritis in many patients. Given the rare occurrence of severe side effects, such as severe burning of the skin, these topical preparations might make them a good first option.

However, other medical organizations still recommend starting out with oral NSAIDs like Aleve(naproxen sodium) or Advil(ibuprofen). So as usual, always talk to your doctor before starting any course of treatment. Just because a medication is over the counter does not mean that it is 100% safe and without possible severe side effects. Finally any osteoarthritis treatment plan should always include a discussion about low impact exercise and weight loss to supplement or lessen the need for medication.

If you’ve have success or failure in treating joint pain please drop us a line below outlining your experience. Thanks.

Remedies For Chronic Fatigue After Exercise?

We have read some interesting posts regarding what can best be characterized as chronic fatigue that is often extreme or more than what should normally be expected

Chronic Exercise Fatique

Exercise & Fatigue

following exercise. The symptoms are often described as being completely exhausted with very sore muscles. Naturally, if a weekend warrior or pro athlete pushes their own personal limits with a vigorous work out this could happen, but many people describe suffering after even light to moderate activity.

The general first line treatment suggested involves dehydration, i.e. drink more water. Sports drinks could be used in limited circumstances, however, the amount of sugar often contained in these drinks make it difficult to justify their use for the average athlete. I would think eating a banana could provide some necessary energy and a kick of potassium. However, this extra hydration does not remedy the situation for many complaining of this problem.

There is occasionally conflicting information on this type of fatigue. Can anyone contribute any of their own experiences with this problem and share with us what has worked for you? Whether it be stretching, a particular supplement or perhaps even a change in diet. Thanks.

Double Jointed Teens At Risk For Pain Later On

Researchers in the United Kingdom have released a study that indicates that teenagers who are classified as being “double jointed” are more susceptible to pain such as back, shoulder and neck later on in life. For the purpose of the study, the young people were classified as double jointed if 6 of 9 particular joints were more flexible than the norm i.e. hypermobility. Obviously, a person does not have to be a┬ácontortionist┬áto be hypermobile.

Following a common theme, those double jointed teenagers who were also obese were the most prone to suffer, suggesting that physicians should make sure patients understand the importance of proper weight management. Strength training also seemed to be effective at staving off future problems. Then again, diet and exercise are effective tools for all of us in staying healthy and pain free.