Back Pain Basics

Back pain can occur in the following  parts of the back:

Back Pain Diagram

Image Courtesy of WikiCommons.

Neck Pain:
This type of pain is extremely common affecting more than half of all individuals at some point in their lives. This type of discomfort can come from many sources including the nerves in the spine, the joints and muscles of the neck, and radiating pain from the upper back.

Upper Back Pain:

This type of pain is usually defined as discomfort that exists in the area just below the base of the neck and extending down to the lumbar of the spine. Typical causes of this upper back problems, sometimes called middle or thoracic, include overuse or sudden trauma.

Lower Back Pain:

This is the area of the back that encompasses the lumbar region. It is also that type of pain that most people have encountered at some point in time. Causes of lumbar pain are varied but frequently the result of a damaging or spraining the muscle(s). Unfortunately, age is also a contributing factor as the vertebrae of the spine are more likely to make contact as the disks get smaller in size.

Back Pain Concerns:

Like all muscular and skeletal painful conditions in the human body the causes of the pain are numerous and varied. However, you should always consult a physician immediately if you have any doubts regarding the seriousness of your pain or injury or if it does not subside quickly. Additional signs that should raise red flags include back pain that is associated with a fever, following a trauma, causes and interruption of sleep, in patients with a history of cancer to name a few. does should not be used to treat or diagnose any condition, so when in doubt get it checked out.






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