Big Toe Pain From Gout? New Research Points To Weight Gain

Scientists have released new research pointing to obesity as a risk factor for gout in both men and women. This painful disease is caused by a build up of uric acid in the joints and is characterized by intense pain in the big toe as a primary symptom.  The findings provide even one more reason to try and maintain a healthy weight, along with limiting intake of purine rich foods and alcohol consumption.

3 thoughts on “Big Toe Pain From Gout? New Research Points To Weight Gain

  1. Hi, does anyone know the name of that drug to help joint pain caused by gout that they keep advertising for on tv? My hubby has suffered for years and I’m trying to get him to ask his doctor about this. Thanks!

    • @Cindy I just did a quick google search and it looks like there are now a few gout pain meds on the market. You really should just have him ask his doctor. I’m sure he will not regret it given how painful i’ve heard the attacks can be.

    • cindy i would listen to jackie. I’ve had gout attacks and they are painful and might be something else so GO TO A PHYSICIAN!!! sorry but it is important 🙂

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