Methotrexate To Treat Joint Pain in Arthritis Sufferers

Promising new clinical research indicates that the prescription drug methotrexate, which is already used to treat rheumatoid arthritis & certain types of cancer may also provide relief Prescription Bottle Phototo those coping with osteoarthritis.  This new six month study was conducted in the United Kingdom by the University of Leeds and Arthritis Research UK.

Those already coping with the pain of osteoarthritis know that current treatments are generally limited to nsaid therapy and physical therapy when possible. Surgery is generally limited to extreme cases where other less invasive options are no longer effective. The prospect of new and effective treatment with methotrexate  could prevent or delay surgery for many.

Of course as with most all drug therapies there is the risk of serious side effects so talk to your doctor before starting or stopping any therapy. Also, if anyone has any experience with methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis please share your experience with our readers below. Thanks.

Methorexate, also known as MTX or amethopterin has been in use for more than fifty years and is closely chemically related to folic acid.

Use of Topical Creams for Osteoarthritis Pain

There is new evidence that using topical NSAID creams and lotions can in many cases provide safe and effective pain relief from osteoarthritis in many patients. Given the rare occurrence of severe side effects, such as severe burning of the skin, these topical preparations might make them a good first option.

However, other medical organizations still recommend starting out with oral NSAIDs like Aleve(naproxen sodium) or Advil(ibuprofen). So as usual, always talk to your doctor before starting any course of treatment. Just because a medication is over the counter does not mean that it is 100% safe and without possible severe side effects. Finally any osteoarthritis treatment plan should always include a discussion about low impact exercise and weight loss to supplement or lessen the need for medication.

If you’ve have success or failure in treating joint pain please drop us a line below outlining your experience. Thanks.

Top Ten Causes Of Knee Pain – Osteoarthritis Leads The Way

Knee PainThe Center for Regenerative Medicine lists the top ten causes for knee pain and not surprisingly osteoarthritis is at the top of the list of conditions requiring treatment. A torn meniscus, which is most often caused by a sudden twisting of the knee is second. Followed by a torn ACL or ACL damage in third place. Check out the rest of the list on the top causes of knee pain.

Osteoarthritis And The Importance Of Weight Loss and Exercise

importantFor anyone that currently suffers from osteoarthritis it may not come as a surprise but  maintaining a healthy weight and regular exercise are vital to controlling the painful joint pain often associated with this type of arthritis. Diet and exercise can also possibly help prevent or delay the need for knee replacement surgery. Naturally of course, staying active is easier said than done when a person is in a great deal of pain from this disease.