How To Exercise When You Can’t Get Out Of Bed?

This is one of the most common refrains from joint and muscle pain sufferers. We’ve all heard the advice and seen the advertisements on TV explaining that the best way to deal with many common ailments is to stay active. Problem is, for many of us, it does not matter how much ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen or any other NSAID drug we take it just isn’t that easy.

Musculoskeletal pain, arthritis and degenerative diseases not only affect people physically but they also take a mental toll. Telling a sufferer to “just exercise” is similar to telling a smoker to “just quit” or an overweight person to “just stop eating” so much. Unfortunately, life ain’t that easy. Nonetheless this type of simplistic advice gets repeated constantly.

So what are joint and muscle pain folks to do? Keep getting depressed that they can’t follow the advice constantly being thrown at them, or is there a different way? Surely some of our JPT readers have been able to find alternative treatments or realistic lifestyle changes to help them. Please share. It must be understood that a one size fits all approach to helping joint/muscle pain patients will never exist, nonetheless, simply knowing that other treatment options are available will hopefully be helpful. Please tell us your story. Thanks.

The Right Omega-3 Oil Dosage Research

While much is written about the benefits of taking Omega-3 oil vitamin supplements from fish or oOmega-3 DHA Dosether sources, it can become be very confusing to patients, consumers, and even some doctors when trying to figure out the just the right omega-3 oil dosage and the correct levels of DHA. A review of the the research seems to indicate that you need to find a dose of at least 600mg of DHA in the omega-3 supplements to get the possible benefits. New and often conflicting research on the benefits of Omega-3  is also constantly emerging so stay up to date and always talk to your physician before starting or changing your intake of any medication.

FDA Warns Topical Analgesic Irritation Can Be Extreme

topical cream burnThe FDA issued a warning about the use of topical creams and gel pain relievers as new evidence suggest that topical analgesic irritation can be extreme  in a small number of people. This could include an intense burning sensation which could also lead to blistering and a skin rash.

Seek medical attention if this happens to you and remember to always use common sense by not using these types of skins on broken or already irritated skin. If you have not used this medication in the past, you might also want to apply it to just a small portion of your skin first to make sure no problems arise.

Of course in my case I will also have to exercise a bit first to have to worry about sore muscles.

New Prescription Drug For Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers

New Arthritis DrugThe new drug is called Tofacitinib which is part of a new class of drugs called Janus kinases which early research indicates may be more effective at treating rheumatoid arthritis than  the current drugs on the market, such as the commonly prescribed methotrexate (MTX). The drug is still not approved in the US but hopefully these early trials will lead to some new and much needed remedy for chronic joint pain.


Possible Dangers Of Supplement Use For Treating Joint Pain

Vitamins and Supplements for Joint PainMost joint pain sufferers have probably tried at least one supplement to try and gain some relief. However, there is a new report that points out the potential dangers and risks of using vitamins and supplements to treat joint and muscle pain. In particular, it is never safe to assume that because it is believed that a pill is or claims to be natural that it is automatically safe. It is still possible to overdose on a supplement or to do some other damage to your body. If you don’t have a vitamin deficiency you probably don’t even need to take anything but if you are going to try a supplement to help with joint pain or another condition, always play it safe and speak to your doctor first.


Chill Out! The Effects Of Stress On Our Pain Levels

I think that everyone has to admit that the stress that is present in all of our daily lives has to be a big contributor to the aches and pains we feel in our bodies. This is not to diminish the real muscles and joint diseases that exist, however how often have you ever had a flare up or a bad day and noticed that you seemed to be in much more pain? The back pain sufferers I’ve talked with seem especially susceptible to this, no doubt in large part to the tensing up of the muscles. Plus, lets not forget the classic “stress headache” that seems to bother so many adults.

What to do about this phenomenon? Simply telling yourself to chill out can actually be a quick way to make things worse. Nevertheless, simple light exercise, meditation, deep breathing, stretching or yoga all have proven effective for people worldwide. Tranquilizers or benzos(valium, xanax, etc.) can be effective but with all the dangers and potential side effects that come with them it hardly seems like a long term solution.

Please share your story about how stress effects you and what works for you in lessening stress and consequently the pain it may bring about. Hopefully one person’s experience can bring some relief to another in the community. Thanks!

Big Toe Pain From Gout? New Research Points To Weight Gain

Scientists have released new research pointing to obesity as a risk factor for gout in both men and women. This painful disease is caused by a build up of uric acid in the joints and is characterized by intense pain in the big toe as a primary symptom.  The findings provide even one more reason to try and maintain a healthy weight, along with limiting intake of purine rich foods and alcohol consumption.

Surgery Rarely Best Treatment Option For Lower Back Pain

back pain treatmentWhen it comes to treating low back pain, surgery may not be the best option. In fact this is generally considered the a last resort given its success rate and the dangers from surgical complications. While almost everyone will experience some form of back pain in their lives, generally physical therapy and occasional pain reliever use will provide relief. So some good news that surgery is not necessarily inevitable for this widespread condition. However as with any pain, when in doubt consult your physician.