Muscle Pain Treatment

Muscle Pain Treatment

Muscle Pain Treatment

Muscle pain inevitably affects everyone throughout their lives. Whether it is a pulled muscle in the back while golfing or a tweak in the calf while gardening, the medical advice can seem as diverse as the causes of Mylgia aka muscle pain.

As with all conditions & any time something in the human body doesn’t seem right, you should always speak  immediately with your doctor, physician or health care care professional. Nothing on should be used as a substitute for seeking professional medical help.

The First 72 Hours

During the first 3 days it is important to use ice i.e. cold therapy on the injured muscle to reduce inflammation. Heat therapy while possibly tempting, should generally not be used during this initial period.

Commonly, NSAID pain relievers are also used along with rest as part of this initial treatment process. More severe pain may require different classes of medication to be prescribed.

Ongoing Treatment Options

After the muscle pain, stiffness, or soreness has subsided, exercise can be a great way to strengthen muscles and possibly prevent the injury from becoming a chronic condition. Depending on the severity of the pain, low impact exercises such as walking or swimming are often well tolerated. However, when in doubt speak to your physician or physical therapist first.

Seek Medical Help

It is important to keep track of the injured muscle, and seek medical attention if there is no improvement after three days of treatment, an infections appears present, or the pain is sudden and severe. If more severe symptoms occur at anytime, follow emergency protocols.

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