The Right Omega-3 Oil Dosage Research

While much is written about the benefits of taking Omega-3 oil vitamin supplements from fish or oOmega-3 DHA Dosether sources, it can become be very confusing to patients, consumers, and even some doctors when trying to figure out the just the right omega-3 oil dosage and the correct levels of DHA. A review of the the research seems to indicate that you need to find a dose of at least 600mg of DHA in the omega-3 supplements to get the possible benefits. New and often conflicting research on the benefits of Omega-3  is also constantly emerging so stay up to date and always talk to your physician before starting or changing your intake of any medication.

One thought on “The Right Omega-3 Oil Dosage Research

  1. Hi, Omega-3 oil and its dosage are always in discussion. It’s true that we need to get 600mg of DHA in this supplement. We should consult with doctor before taking any kind of omega-3 supplements.

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