Surgery Rarely Best Treatment Option For Lower Back Pain

back pain treatmentWhen it comes to treating low back pain, surgery may not be the best option. In fact this is generally considered the a last resort given its success rate and the dangers from surgical complications. While almost everyone will experience some form of back pain in their lives, generally physical therapy and occasional pain reliever use will provide relief. So some good news that surgery is not necessarily inevitable for this widespread condition. However as with any pain, when in doubt consult your physician.

2 thoughts on “Surgery Rarely Best Treatment Option For Lower Back Pain

  1. I always tend to think that with most things, and as you say after consulting with a physician, if in doubt avoid the knife. I know that the article you linked to recommended rest but when my back it tight and hurting that is usually the worst thing I can do. I’m not out running a marathon but light exercise is what seems to keep my muscles loose and not hurting. Ice sometimes helps my back a little but it is really more hassle than it is worth.Your mileage may vary.

    • @ChronicSufferer I 100% agree. I used to follow the old school ways of days of bed rest and then i would always wonder why i wasn’t getting any better. I’ll take some easy exercise or walking any day now over rest or a handful of pills when my back is really acting up.

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