Tablet Computers Causing RSI Pain In Young People

iPad Tablet RSI

Tablets, iPads & RSI

New evidence, while anecdotal suggests that there is a new repetitive stress injury risk for youths that could cause more damage than even the often blamed video game controller. The use of tablet computers, which are seemingly ubiquitous among today’s younger generation, could be even riskier due to the way in which a person interacts with the device.

When sitting at a computer there is a much greater chance for a person to use proper posture as opposed to the way tablets are used. Many of us lean forward and sort of contort our hands and fingers while relaxing on the couch. It may feel more comfortable in the short term, but the long term risks to the muscles, tendons and joints are still being assessed.

The easiest way for young people or anyone who frequently uses a tablet computer is to be aware of your positioning and to take frequent breaks. RSI injuries are no fun at any age, but they can be avoided with a little common sense.

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