Thumb Joint Pain Caused By Overuse of Electronic Devices

Thumb Joint PainInteresting article linking the use or overuse of electronic devices, such as a Blackberry or a video game system to joint pain in the thumbs. While repetitive stress issues or carpal tunnel syndrome are not new, especially to those who type away on keyboards all day, those using smaller devices are not immune from pain as the result of frequent use. The pain can get so bad the the affected thumb joint may even require surgery in the worst cases.

2 thoughts on “Thumb Joint Pain Caused By Overuse of Electronic Devices

  1. Plus aside from the joint pain, all that texting has led to an increase in all types of accidents, including vehicle and even what is now called “distracted walking”!!!! People need to relax some times and just unplug and enjoy life a bit.

    • Not to get too off topic but i think people will ALWAYS be distracted no matter what it is and when it happens. I bet that in ye ol’ days people probably crashed their horses just because they were looking at a pretty cloud. People are crazy.

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