RSI Finger & Thumb Pain

Repetitive Stress Injuries Of The  Fingers

Thumb Finger PainWhy is my thumb sore? Why do my fingers hurt?  Well, from what we learned earlier this month, it probably isn’t the result of knuckle cracking. While there are many possible causes, pain and discomfort in the joints, muscles and bones of the fingers and thumbs are a frequent complaint, especially as adults age. Although an increasing number of younger people are also showing signs and symptoms in part due to the ubiquitous use of electronics in modern society. In fact, a new study out of the UK shows that up to 70% of workers feel that they are suffering some pain as a result of their job requirements. So if you still have any strength left in those hands, read on and please let us know what you think in the comments section.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and TENDINITIS:

The two most well known of these types of problems is carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis. These conditions can affect the nerves, muscles, tendons, joints etc. of any area that is subject to repeated use over a significant period of time. For example individuals who spend a great deal of time typing at a keyboard or even texting on their Iphone or smartphone could develop pain in the hand, fingers, wrist or other parts of the arms. Any video game addict has probably suffered from “Gamer’s Thumb” due to the repetitive tapping of the game pad buttons.

Most commonly the symptoms of these overuse injuries include sharp pain that is exacerbated by an increase in use of the affected body part. A person may also be have a limited range of motion from RSI damage. Prevention can play a role in remedying or avoiding pain by using best practices when it comes to posture, hand position and the proper use of equipment.

Treatment options for RSI injuries such as carpal tunnel or tendinitis often include NSAID drugs such as ibuprofen possibly in conjunction with physical therapy to help improve muscle strength in the area. Of course each case and cause of hand and finger pain can vary greatly by patient so always consult with your doctor before beginning any course of treatment in order to receive a full evaluation and diagnosis.

RSI Repetitive Stress Injuries Feedback:

This has proven to be one of the most visited pages on the Joint Pain Treatments Forum. We have received feedback from people who have experienced the pain and consequences associated with RSI injuries, especially in the workplace. We would like to get a discussion going on this site about this issue, so let us know your story. It can definitely help others in a similar situation. Not every injury causes the dramatic appearance change of a wheel chair or neck brace. Nonetheless, the quality of issues for sufferers of repetitive stress conditions are significant.

Please share your comments and experiences in treating finger, thumb, or any RSI pain below. Thanks.

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