Joint Pain Treatment Options & Remedies

drug therapyDrug Therapies:

Acetaminophen – Generally used as an over the counter starting drug, especially for the treatment of osteoarthritis.

NSAIDs ( non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) – Effective class of otc drugs for helping to ease the symptoms of inflammatory arthritis.

physical therapyPhysical Therapy:

Low impact exercise has been shown to be extremely effective at treating the symptoms of arthritis and providing long term relief of the affected joint. Swimming, walking, gardening or any activity that can be well tolerated should help to treat and lesson symptoms.


Hot & Cold Therapy:

Applying ice packs to an affected area to reduce the pain and swelling. Most often used to treat recent muscle injuries. Alternatively, but often complementary,  heat therapy can also provide relief from discomfort, especially for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. The increased blood flow caused by applying a hot pack, for example, can lessen symptoms and accelerate the healing process.

Joint Replacement Surgery:

Is typically used when the joint is degenerating and not helped by other therapies to alleviate pain.

Please submit your joint pain treatment remedy reviews. Since the causes and symptoms of joint pain, back pain, arthritis are so varied, we hope to add a section that will allow users to post their personal experiences with all types of treatments. Thanks!

Regenerative Medicine Treatment With Stem Cells:

As the name implies the purpose of this treatment option is to try and grow and regenerate the cells in the affected area that is causing joint pain. The use of one’s own cord blood cells is another form of regenerative medicine that has shown promise is suffering from diseases such as Type 1 diabetes and even hearing loss.



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