Bee Venom Therapy As A Back Pain Treatment

There is new evidence and continuing clinical trials to see if this normally avoided insect product could actually bring relief to some patients. Bee venom therapy has been around for a while but according to recent news reports it is now being further investigated as a potential back pain treatment.

Obviously in the studies will be more controlled than putting sufferers in a room filled with bees and seeing what happens, as the venom from bees will be collected and injected into patients. A bit of skepticism is always a good idea, but any new research to help the millions of Americans currently suffering from this sort of muscle pain in the back would certainly be welcome news. Again, please don’t try this at home by using some sort of “honey do” method.

2 thoughts on “Bee Venom Therapy As A Back Pain Treatment

  1. I’ll stick to my regular pain relievers but that might just be my own biases at work on this one. I’d still like to see some more research in the news on this one.

  2. i am a beekeeper, and understand that there are lots of medicial properties to bee venom. i personaly know of people who have been wonderfully healed of arthritis and stiffness due to injuries. It is amazing.

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