Repetitive Stress Injuries(RSI) Caused By The Work Environment

RSI In the Workplace

RSI at Work

Almost everyone who has ever had a job that required sitting at a desk, typing away on a computer keyboard for hours on end can attest to the fact that such repetitive motions can take their toll on all parts of the body. Fingers, hands, wrists, and even back pain can often be attributed to the stress of these seemingly harmless work tasks. We aren’t working in the coal mines after all. We are just trying to finish up quarterly reports before the Friday deadline.

Well the good news is that you are not along in your pain. According to a study out of the United Kingdom, only 30% of the workers polled felt that they had and “adequate working environment”. The result is that repetitive stress injuries continue to be a workplace health issue.

The HR magazine article also explained that about a third of the two thousand workers surveyed complained of headaches and migraines that they attributed to their physical working conditions. While two thirds suffered the classic RSI symptoms of hand, wrist, and finger pain along with neck and back pain often from poor sitting posture.

Like with many conditions it is a combination of factors that end up leading to muscle pain. In this case it is the long hours combined with poor posture, equipment and technique.

It is easier said than done in most real world environments, however, we all need to remember to get up from our desks, do some minor stretching and just give our bodies a moment to relax.

One thought on “Repetitive Stress Injuries(RSI) Caused By The Work Environment

  1. Problem is that in the real world who is really going to go complain to HR that they are suffering pain because their chair is not comfy enough? I would be laughed at and hopefully not dismissed on the spot. Funny thing is, I can’t even bring in my own chair if I want to.

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